Symphony of sound, scent and meditation

About my work

Sound Massage

The beautiful sounds of the singing bowls are rich in overtones and transport you into a state of deep relaxation. They are placed on and around the body, so you can feel the sound as well as the vibration of the bowls on a physical, mental and emotional level.


Both treatments use pure therapeutic grade essential oils from doTerra. Aroma Touch Therapy focuses on general well-being and involves gentle hand movements on the back and the feet. For the Aroma Symphony, the oils are selected according to your personal issues and needs (body, emotion and mind) and are applied to the feet and the back.


This treatment addresses your personal life issues. The singing bowls are used to initiate self-healing and liberation. The sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls help us to change when we are ready for it.


Meditation in a group or individual setting offers the possibility to get back to oneself. Much of what seems important in life may fade away at an appropriate time. The resulting space can be used for new ventures. This makes life easier and happier.

About me

My name is Birgit Jennings (Dipl. Psych.). I have been interested in alternative therapies for over 15 years. The meditative methods, with and without sound, are dear to my heart, and a great joy in my life.


Birgit Jennigs
Dossenheim & Bensheim


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