About me

Since 2000 I have been a certified psychologist.

At first I was interested in Client Centered and Gestalt as well as Systemic Therapy, but increasingly I became more interested in meditative (and alternative) ways and techniques.

As I noticed personally how beneficial these techniques were when practiced, I became highly motivated and observed that the use of meditation (with and without sound) can change whomever and whatever is ready for it.

Since my childhood, sound has enriched my life again and again – primarily through singing and playing the piano. Later, singing bowls came to play a new part in my life with their therapeutic potential.

I am enthusiastic about nature and countries like Australia, my home for nearly nine years. There, the power of nature is very present and the land is so pure and wide.

Thankfulness and honesty are important to me – so that we can develop joyfully, freely and equally in harmony with ourselves as well as with the earth.


Birgit Jennigs
Dossenheim & Bensheim


+49 (0)173-57 690 65