“The experience of our essential vibration in sound is the contact with our true nature”


Treatment with Sound

(duration approx. 60 min)

This treatment focuses solely on your personal life issues.
It may be that you need inspiration to be able to take the next step, or perhaps your life has been turned upside down and it seems necessary to open up to other dimensions and possibilities.

A reluctance to make decisions, an unwanted situation, a crisis or an uncomfortable state can throw us off track, but this can be just the invitation we need to engage more deeply with ourselves.

The aim of this treatment is to support you in the best possible way with the help of the sound and the vibration of the singing bowls.

I orientate myself on what you need to grow. For this, I connect myself and follow my intuition when placing the singing bowls and playing them. The overtone-rich sounds and vibrations stimulate your self-healing powers to work on your respective topics.

With the decision to take the next step, our self-confidence grows and we are able to change at the pace that suits us.

If desired, there is time to rest after the treatment.

If desired, the treatment can be combined with a suitable essential oil or oil mixture of the purest quality. Through the oils we have a second bridge to self-healing. Both the sound and the scent deepen the experience of the other.


Birgit Jennigs
Dossenheim & Bensheim


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