“Music does not begin with the first note, but with the silence before it.
And it doesn’t end with the last note, but with the sound of silence afterwards.”

Giora Feidmann

Singing bowl massage (60 Min.)

The focus of this treatment is deep relaxation.
This happens through the sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls, which are mainly played on the body, and sometimes next to it or above it.

The singing bowls are rich in overtones and vibrate when placed on the body. Through these unfamiliar vibrational frequencies our emotional hemisphere (half of the brain) is stimulated and the water in the body begins to tune to a more harmonic way of being. With that, we are invited to relax on a deep level, to let go, and to experience inner harmony and peace.

There is time to talk before and after the treatment, as well as time to rest.

If desired, the treatment can be combined with a suitable essential oil or an oil mixture of the purest quality. This enriches the experience.

Alternatively, the massage can be 30 or 90 minutes long.




Birgit Jennigs
Dossenheim und Bensheim


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